33,000 RET a Disaster for Big Solar

Building a strong Big Solar capacity in Australia will create the economy of the future.

A Renewable Energy Target (RET) deal at 33,000GWh by 2020 won’t build Big Solar.

The slashed target will quickly be taken up by wind alone.

By 2017/18 when Big Solar is competing at scale there will be little space left.

This is a poor outcome for Australia.  It locks us into a single technology and ignores Australia’s solar potential.

The Abbott Government and our biggest polluters have been determined to smash large-scale renewables.

By delivering maximum uncertainty they have forced the wind industry to accept peace at any price, as large-scale investment plummets by more than 90% since last year.

The irony is that Coalition politicians opposed to wind power will be supporting a deal that will double the amount of wind generation and deliver nothing for Big Solar.

The Australian Solar Council will redouble its efforts to see Big Solar built in Australia.

We Will Fight for Big Solar

The Australian Solar Council recommits to a better future for Big Solar.

This attack on solar must be wound back.

We need Big Solar built before 2020, and all political parties must commit to at least 50% renewables by 2030.

The Australian Solar Council will continue the fight for solar.