Solar voters to play major role in Canning by-election


Solar voters to play major role in Canning by-election

The Abbott Government’s continued attacks on solar and renewables could have a dramatic impact on the forthcoming Canning by-election, with new Australian Solar Council analysis showing half of Canning homes have solar on their roofs.

“Tony Abbott’s reputation as the most radical, anti-solar Prime Minister in Australia’s history will not go down well with Canning voters,” said John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Australian Solar Council.

“Half of Canning voters have solar, the other half want to slash their power bills with solar and Tony Abbott continues to attack all these voters,” said Mr Grimes.

The Abbott Government has launched a relentless assault on solar and renewable energy since it was elected:

  • It broke its pre-election promise of a million additional solar roofs by 2020;
  • It broke its election promise not to cut the 41,000 gigawatt hour Renewable Energy Target (RET) and instead cut it by a third;
  • The Prime Minister’s own Warburton Review recommended abolishing the RET and ending support for residential and small business solar;
  • It tried to abolish the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and recently instructed the CEFC not to invest in residential and small business solar.

“Tony Abbott’s recent comment that Australia has ‘more than enough’ renewable energy stands in stark contrast with Labor’s commitment to at least 50% renewables by 2030 and the Greens’ pledge for even stronger renewables targets. A recent Essential Poll showed 65% support for 50% renewables by 2030.”

The Australian Solar Council will run a strong campaign during the Canning
by-election, urging voters to put the Liberal Party last. The Solar Council will call on voters to “Vote to Save Money, Vote to Save Solar”. The Australian Solar Council will support any political party that supports good solar policy.


A detailed analysis of solar installations by postcodes in the Canning electorate follows. It shows 50% of dwellings in postcodes in the Canning electorate have solar PV or solar hot water on their roofs.


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15 August 2015


Canning Solar Data by postcode

Source: Clean Energy Regulator

Data compiled by Green Energy Markets

 Canning By-election Solar Data                                                   

PV – photovoltaic solar panels

SHW – solar hot water

* this postcode includes sites with more than one dwelling with solar, eg homes and sheds


This report analyses solar installations by postcode. Data is included for all postcodes that are covered by the nominated electorate.

Postcode and electorate areas may not align as some postcodes are covered by more than one electorate.