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Company Overview

Company description for Solar Council of Australia

Sicame Australia is an Australian manufacturing company based in Yatala Queensland. We are part of GROUP SICAME, an international industrial group specialising in the design, testing and manufacturing of electrical generation, transmission and distribution products. Comprising of 52 companies worldwide, the SICAME Group has operations established in 25 different countries and supplies products to over 100 throughout the world.

In Australia, we have established a reputation as a strong dependable product developer and a leading supplier of a broad range of low/medium voltage electrical products to both private and public industry. We specialise in the development of high quality waterproof Insulation Piercing Connectors, (IPC) suitable for a range of applications on both overhead and underground electrical networks. Our products have been widely adopted by electrical utilities and private network operators throughout Australia and New Zealand since the mid-1980’s with 10’s of millions of products currently in service.

As a proud Australian manufacturer with in house design and testing capabilities, we have a unique set of attributes that enable us to research, design and test both new and existing products. We are equipped with a highly qualified team of professional Electrical and Mechanical Engineering staff dedicated to the research and development of products and systems to provide innovative technical solutions for our customers.

In recognition of the growing demand for solar and renewable energy infrastructure both in Australia and internationally, we have sharpened our focus towards this market seeking to incorporate our product technology into the construction of these facilities. These new and innovative product and system applications present a fresh and exciting aspect of our business and one which we look forward to fully establishing ourselves in.

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