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Company Overview

Our Energy creates energy efficient and sustainable communities by combining “smart” data technologies with renewable energy generation and battery storage within the community, for the use, benefit and development of the community.

Our Energy aggregates and shares energy between communities to provide the lowest optimal cost of energy for each community. We create the “Virtual Power Station”.

Our Energy is a customer focused energy business that provides energy aggregation services within each community and across all of it communities for the benefit and development of each community. Our Energy retails energy to its customers within each community and assists its customers to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their overall energy usage. Our Energy creates value through the creation of energy sustainable communities, trading and selling stored and renewable energies and optimising the operation of load requirements through the installation and operation of solar panels, storage and technology control at no capital cost to its customers in each community.

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Website Link http://www.ourenergycompany.com.au/