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Akcome Power Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading solar power specialists for both residential and commercial photovoltaic systems. What sets Akcome apart from solar power on-sellers, is that Akcome, as the manufacturer of the solar panels, guarantees performance and efficiency with in-house quality assurance procedures.

What separates Akcome from other companies is its unique funding system that facilitates a long term mutually beneficial arrangement. Our company's success is totally dependent on our Clients' success; therefore, our agreement to supply lower priced solar power is for the long term; not leaving Clients with a system that may well have passed its use-by date.
Akcome has an understanding of the range of financing solutions, and accordingly, provides a choice of our Rental and or PPA agreements, so our clients may save money and take greater control of energy costs. In other words, we consider our success a function of our customers' success.
The Akcome Group Co. Ltd. headquarters are located in China, with over 30 subsidiary companies employing in excess of 5,000 staff. The Akcome Group has established business networks in dozens of cities both at home and abroad, such as Jiangsu, Beijing, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Liaoning, and in Taiwan, Japan, Europe and Australia, with clients extending all over the world.

The Akcome Group’s intention is to continue to expand and develop in the industry as a professional one-stop solar power components supplier. Currently, Akcome Group has established and operates more than 50 Solar Farms in China and Japan with a current capacity over 1,100 MW.

In 2015, our solar mounting system production line produced over 1.6 GW and our Suncome Solar panel division (of both polycrystalline and monocrystalline) produced almost 800 MW of solar modules. Suncome Solar uses leading edge automated production technology from Europe to guarantee that the modules are of high quality, giving a competitive advantage. August 2011; Jiangsu Akcome Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (a subsidiary company) was successfully listed on the stock Exchange (Stock Abbreviation; Akcome Technology; Stock Code: 002610) with a market value around $4.5 billion. The Akcome Group aspires to maintain its leading edge in renewable energy technologies in order to provide cost effective power for government, businesses, as well as domestic users, and continue delivering the most developed technology to ensure a greener society.

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