JinkoSolar’s desert project

JinkoSolar’s contributions to the solar industry and involvement in the milestone 1177 MW Sweihan Abu Dhabi PV project were recently screened during CNN’s Marketplace Middle East program. With the spotlight on Abu Dhabi Sustainability week, the broadcast reached 340 million viewers in households and businesses across the world, which is great news for JinkoSolar, a company that is equally proud of its role in the ground-breaking solar PV installation.

Presenters of the cable TV program who sought to highlight the rise of renewables in the Middle East region and the world at large also journeyed to the outskirts of Abu Dhabi to visit JinkoSolar’s world record breaking 1177 MW Sweihan project. They were able to view the application of JinkoSolar’s high efficiency monocrystalline modules and the innovative utilisation of robotic cleaning at the site.

CNN interviewed JinkoSolar Vice President Gener Miao who took the opportunity to highlight the rapid development of solar in China and the advantages of solar energy, given its shorter project construction timespans.

“CNN’s choice to feature JinkoSolar illustrates the rising importance of solar in the world. Given our dual status as the world’s largest and most globalised solar company and the co-owners of the record breaking Sweihan project, we were able to share our unique insight about solar development in the MEA region and the world at large” Miao declared after the interview.

“We were happy to speak on behalf of the industry to show how economically competitive solar has become.”

Tune in at: https://youtu.be/kPlvIqtJwNE

Travelling now across to the US, where JinkoSolar’s subsidiary is in the process of closing a deal under the code name ‘Project Volt’ by investing $US410 million in a new factory and US headquarters in Jacksonville which lies on the north east tip of Florida near Georgia.

Construction of the factory is due to commence on June 30 this year and be ready by the end of 2019. On completion the factory will produce 1.75 GW of high efficiency solar modules over approximately three years.