Building Strong Solar Businesses


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Career and Personal Development

Increasingly our members are making a long-term career in the solar industry.

Through our extensive network we help our members tap into:

  • New job opportunities
  • Internships on work experience
  • Board and consulting roles
  • Can provide our members with practical professional development experience and information.

how do we build stronger solar businesses?

Helping you make sales

Making sure your customers can find you – from domestic customers to linking manufacturers with distributors and installers.

Brand & Product Awareness

We have many ways we can help make your brand famous.

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Networking Oportunities

We can offer you exclusive networking opportunities with leaders in the solar storage and energy management fields.

These opportunities are exclusive to our members and supporters

Lobbying Advocacy

As the National Voice for Solar we use our political status to get the best outcomes for our members and for our industry.

We are not conflicted with other agendas - we simply and ruthlessly advocate for ‘solar for a sustainable future’.

keeping you informed

Being ‘a day late’ in the solar industry can cost you big time.

That's why we deliver the critical information you need to know as soon as it is released.

We provide market intelligence and updates and act as a confidential consultant to our supporters and members.

Career & Personal Development

Increasingly our members are making a long-term career in the solar industry.

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Trusted, Respected, Well Connected

Our members and supporters get excellent value by partnering with us as among other things we:

  • 5,000 Deligates
  • Create sales leads and sales opportunities for them
  • Raise the profile and brand awareness, including awareness of new products and services
  • Identify and link them with potential partners
  • Lobby for them to get good policy outcomes, including the opportunity to participate in, and influence that process
  • Create networking opportunities for them
  • Solve their ad hoc problems as they arise, for example advocating for them with networks around connection approvals
  • Lower their risk by keeping them compliant with Standards and CER requirements
  • Keep them informed about dodgy products and practices to protect their reputations
  • Provide opportunities to present and contribute to the magazine
  • Meeting with and influencing key decision makers
  • Help members grow personally and professionally, providing them with new skills and opportunities to grow their career and salary opportunities
  • Meet with high profile business leaders
  • Provide them with critical business information and intelligence before others, including policy and technical rule changes
  • Being a strong public voice that influences the government and the general public to support our industry

We do this and provide return on investment reporting, and tell them the value proposition we represent.

We offer tailored packages to graduates and students, and those whose daily career is in this field.

We provide compelling member only content through our website

By developing a diverse membership we provide network opportunities across business segments and geographic areas nationwide.

We link members to international suppliers, and educate them on new products and services.

We represent clear values that are important to our members.

We provide services to businesses that every stage of their life cycle, preopening, new business, growth and build, consolidation, maintenance, retirement or sale.

We use our political clout to create unique experiences for our members.

We need to tailor each of these to each membership type.

In summary - we increase your profitability, we keep you compliant with standards, we enhance your reputation and make you a local good guy, we keep your skills current, we make sure you're up-to-date with the latest products and services and reduce your compliance risk.

How can you learn more?


We work with a diverse range of companies and organisations and tailor solutions specifically for their needs.

Contact our sales team today to see how we can help you build a stronger solar business:

Some recent examples include:

  • Organised the launch of the GCL energy storage product in the Australian market
  • Arranged for senior political leaders to visit member companies
  • Coordinated industry buyer delegations to Taiwan and China - for solar PV, energy storage and batteries, solar hot water products and electric vehicles and charging products.
  • Helped companies entering the Australian market meet certification standards for their products
  • Linked companies with investors, partners and projects - resulting in some of Australia's largest solar projects being delivered

Brand & Product Awareness

Here are just some of the ways we can help make your brand famous:

  • Profiling at our annual conference – 5,000 industry delegates
  • Exposure in Solar & Storage magazine - 30,000 readers including 4,000 installers
  • Email blasts – 24,000 industry stakeholders
  • Capital city roadshows
  • Regional roadshows
  • Introductions to a range of media and press contacts to cover your brand and your product




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