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Solar, It’s Australian for Power

So why do politicians keep messing with it?

What are we focusing on:

Restore ARENA Funding

Gutting the only organisation that invests in new renewables research and technology is not only shortsighted but it goes against our stellar history of solar innovation.

At Least 50% Renewable by 2030

Back candidates that will make this happen and push your own political party to adopt a positive plan for solar. It's good for Australians, good for household budgets, and good for our planet.

Keep a Fair Price for Solar

Keep solar affordable so families can save money on their power bills. Stop letting big power gouge solar families to prop up their flawed business model.

Millions of Australians have solar on their rooftops - either solar PV or solar hot water.
The Australian Solar Council is an important voice for this community.
We are dedicated to good long-term outcomes for solar customers.
It is the foundation for strong solar businesses.
As the "national voice for solar" we advocate for consumer rights, and a fair go for solar customers.



Joining our list is free of charge, and we will only call on you when we need solar supporters to take action in support of campaigns we are running.
Working together we can be a voice that policymakers simply cannot ignore.

What We Have Done to Make a Difference?

The Australian Solar Council has stood up as a leader, to protect the rights of the solar industry and the solar supporting public.
We have run tenacious campaigns that get political results.
Our campaigns have:
  • Stopped the retrospective slashing of feed in tariffs in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia
  • Stopped the abolition of the Small Scale Renewable Energy Target
  • Saved the Australian Renewable Energy Agency
  • Saved the Clean Energy Finance Corporation
  • Supported renewable energy targets post 2020

JOIN your local solar energy chapter

Network with other solar based businesses in your region and help drive change:


Australians love solar. Let's keep it that way.

We need all the help you can give us so please consider a regular contribution for the next 6 months.

Authorised by John Grimes, Australian Solar Council, PO Box 231, Mawson ACT 2607


Tell your local MP they need a positive plan for solar. Sign our petition today.

Authorised by John Grimes, Australian Solar Council, 1/37 Geils Court, Deakin ACT 2600